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You should always be suspicious of spam email.   You should never give out personal information (social security no., birth date, bank account information) unless you are absolutely sure that you know who you are dealing with and that your information will be safeguarded.  Don't assume people are who they claim to be in an email.  Many scammers make up phony names, phony positions and use phony documents.  NEVER pay any fees of any kind.   An interesting assortment of spam e-mail that we have received is set forth below:

From: "JOHN" <>   To: Subject: WHOLE-PLANT MACHINERY FOR MAKING DRINKS AND JUICE Date: Mon, 07 Aug 06 05:41:16 GMT

REQUEST SOME ONE SPEAKING CHINESE IN LOCAL AGENT............ IF YOU'VR PURCHASED THE EQUIPMENT FROM TAIWAN KEENSENG, PLEASE CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THE SERVICES WE OFFER INCLUDE REPAIR, DESIGN AND ADD THE EQUIPMENT. Dear Sir: Geo Hon Company is professional food machine manfucturing company in Taiwan We have 40 years of business experience. We are not only manufacture machinery. We also provide professional planning design and support. Our quality of service and technological standards are stabe and renovatve. Our objective is to be customer service orientd,and to provide the best possible food and beverage machinery. We are currently in the prcess of expanding our overseas market. If you are interested in what we have to offer, we would be happy to hear from you Our objective is to be customer service orientd, and to provide the Best possible food and beverage machinery. We are currently in the prcess of expanding our overseas market. If you are interested in what we have to offer, we would be happy to hear from you. Sincerely, John Chen ------------------------------------------------------ Tems Of Business The whole packing facilities of mineral water The whole plant for juice Equipment The whole plant for Milk Equipment The whole plant for soybean and rice drink The whole plan packing line for wine Canned Foods Machinery Evaporater ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact information:Please contact Ms.Lisa at: MOBILE:852-90157988 Fax:886-6-2492324

Our products list as following: Automatic empty bottle unscrambler Automatic Filling Capping Machine CONVEYOR FULLY AUTOMATIC BOX PACKER/UNPACKER AUTO UNIFORM FLAP FOLDING & CARTON SEALER Automatic Plastic Cap Capping Machine

From: "Karla Cody" <>   To:  Subject: Fw: Re: All who loves MONEY Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 10:23:40 -0500 [word list omitted] Position requirements: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel; Home Computer with e-mail account to check your e-mail box at least twice a day; Adults only accepted (by the Law we can not hire underage people); Ability to work unsupervised; No criminal records; We require energetic, reliable and honest person for this position. Send your resumes and CV here: Please note that all e-mail enquiries will be processed faster. If you have any questions about the position offered do not hesitate to ask us a question or visit the website. We will send you our web-site address if you are interested in a position. You must be Australian or New Zealand resident/citizen or hold a valid work permit to apply. bloom butte cricket brace alexei barbour cannel algol bourgeois coroner although analogy cushion balcony declivity diocese deafen combinatoric bellwether clint commend adaptive beecham blaine bilharziasis circumvent booklet baud clutter barrow catalytic bluegill beetle camilla diffeomorphic armful contrary convocate cerulean accra appellate chapter alger battery anus ache aboard amarillo Best regards, Jay Tran, Ascot International LLC, Management Department, FAX/TEL: +448709127525

To: _ From: "Ruth" <>   Subject: Home Based Typist/Data Entry Work Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 23:37:49 -0400


My name is Ruth and I'd like for you to know that SERIOUS home based typist/data entry workers are needed. If you are at all interested in applying, please contact me at The requirements needed is good typing skills, able to spell and print well, and have an internet connection with an active e-mail account. You will be doing typing and be paid for completed work. If you are SERIOUS and would like to apply to this position, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to get you the information you will need to get started.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Ruth Faulkner-Baker



E-Mail sent using the Free Trial Version of WorldMerge, the fastest and easiest way to send personalized e-mail messages. For more information visit


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 11:20:17 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: "George Michael" <>   Subject: Alluvial- Gold Dust for sale

BLACK ARK CO.LTD P.O.BOX 19016,ACCRA. GHANA. Dear Sir/madam, FULL CORPORATE OFFER. We the principal sellers are pleased to make this offer of au-mental under the penalty of perjury and with full corporate and legal responsibility to the following terms and conditions. PRODUCTS - Alluvial- Gold Dust QUANTITY - 400 KGs QUALITY - 22+ Karat FINENESS - 92% PRICE - 8,000 per kilo DELIVERY - to be agreed upon TOTAL COST - $3,200,000 (Three Million, Two Hundred Thousand USD) PROCEDURES: 1, Buyer makes 10.5% payment of the total face value to offset export/government charges from Ghana to the buyers destination. 2, One representative of the buyer is suppose to visit Ghana along with one of our Broker already who is ready to meet you in one of the Asia countries to give you sample of the gold for your perusal doing marketing research for our company in the international market. 3, Au Dust (Gold) will be fully and legally documented for exportation and shipped to the buyers country or buyers choice of destination with the following certificates; a) Certificate of ownership/ certificate of original b) Tax Clearance Certificate c) Insurance Certificate/ Policy d) Air Way Bill d) Invoice e) Bank of Ghana Form 2

f) Assay report. 3. MODE OF PAYMENT a. All payment (s) will be made by electronic wire transfer to the sellers account provided by the seller. Final payment will be made on final refinery assay after deducting the 10.5% export/government charges. We look forward to establishing a long lasting business relationship with you. Contact me

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 16:25:22 -0060 From: "Elise Dye" <>   To:  Subject: Apply for that job

Please read this letter attentively! Hello, our company opens a new vacancy. Any interested person can become our manager. Our vacancy is opened for you if you are:

Age: from 18 till 60 years Located in the territory of the US Have a skill to communicate and access to the Internet. You will earn from 1000 up to 3000 euros per week, working only some hours per day. You can work part time or full time.

If you are interested in our offer send the following data to our e-mail

Your full name Your contact e-mail Your phone number

From: "Sweet/UIS" <>   Subject: Your Reliable Partner in China To:  Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 15:53:09 +0800

RE: Agency Cooperation DATE: August 10th, 2006

Dear Sirs/Madam,

How are you? Hope you are fine.

This is Alan ,from Union-I Shipping (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd . We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you for the purpose of establish business relationship with your company. We , Union-I Shipping Co., Ltd. a forwarder Located in China, a "Class A" Forwarding Company approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy Cooperation of P.R. China to operate international Sea & Air freight forwarding business. Our company is also a NVOCC certificate holder issued by the Ministry of Communication of People's Republic of China. Furthermore, we are the member of FIATA and CIFA. In 2003, we were awarded as one of the 20 most sincere forwarding companies in Shenzhen by Shenzhen Transportation Bureau.

With the strong relationship with the carriers & airline companies, we have placed ourselves in a position to provide our customers with quality logistics solutions. If you are doubting our service, you could provide some try shipments to us, you will fell our service and freight. We are seeking partner on your area and hope develop some business with your company. We had the strength and incentive, all these combine with a capable team to provide a personalized and comprehensive logistical service to main ports of china. We have own office in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo and also have strong network in other ports of China.

We mainly services as below:

a) Sea , Air, Railway Freight Forwarding (Export & Import).

b) Inland Transportation of export/import .Trucking FTL and LTL.

c) Customs Clearance and Documentation Services.

d) Distribution of imported goods to mainland China.

e) Warehouse service.

f) Cargoes insurance.

g) Issue Certificate of Origin and embassy legalize

h)Provide Export license, inspection license


We always stick to the business philosophy:" Faithfulness ,Scrupulousness, Practicality, Aggressiveness, Creativeness" and we dedicate ourselves to provide our clients with highly efficient, cost saving and value added services and hence become their first choice.

For more details please visit our website:

After you go through our introduction, please advise if you have interesting to cooperate with us .

We are waiting for your response.


Best Regards,



Union-I Shipping Co., Ltd.


TEL: +86 755 81279950

FAX: +86 755 25580234


Second E-mail:


ˇ°Your Reliable Partner in China®ˇ±

From: "Delmer" <>   To: _ Subject: Our high-paid job solution for you. Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 22:10:38 -0200

New vacancies are available at Apice-Snn company.

We aim to be the world's number one manufacturer of gears.

Our plan is simple: We are going to achieve this by becoming the recognised number one in each of our core industry sectors. This in turn will be achieved by developing further business partnerships across our entire customer base. And today we are looking for key, motivated people all over the world to make this way easier.

In order to become a member of our team, please fill in the form on our site

Vacancies page

The following vacancies are currently available:

Vacancy name : Regional Affiliate Type : Part Time / Full Time Location : Worldwide Required Experience None, but prefered Required Education : any Required Travel : No

Vacancy name : Reimbursement Director Location : Sydney, Australia Type : Full Time Required Education : 4 Year Degree Required Experience : More Than 5 Years Required Travel : Negligible

If you are interested in any vacant place listed below, please, fill in the application form on our site

Vacancies page

2006 All rights reserved. (c) Apice-Snn

From: "Joanie" <>   To:  Subject: Great Program w/ amazing payplan. WORLDWIDE.. Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 21:34:15


Here is the lincs;

Thank You Joanie

===================================================== This is not 'SPAAM'. You were submitted to my mailing list because you 1) are a bizness associate, 2) sent me a bizness oppurtunity, 3) are in an oppurtunity exchange program like Lincs Across The Web Hot Leads program 4) had expressed an interest in receiving enformation about online bizness oppurtunities or If this is an error then please accept my most sincere apology, and simply reply to with "Rimove" in the subject line.

Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 02:05:18 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Recovery From: "Dr Sameul Otule" <> 

Hello Friend

Perhaps you are not aware that you are fully protected by the law to look for your stolen money and as well put the criminals to jail. We are a renowned investigative consultants that specializes in bringing the criminals to justice and your stolen money recovered, we are a team of lawyers and security agents that includes well trained investigators that are fully determined in helping victims of the monetary transfer scam or crime popularly known as the Nigerian Advanced 419 scam transaction which the perpetrators usually operates from Nigeria and some other African countries even from European countries as well. The perpetrators or criminals usually fraud their victims by sending e-mail or mailed letters proposing to the victims to help them transfer some million of US Dollars either to the victims bank account for joint investment or for some percentages to be given to the victims by the perpetrators for assisting in transferring the money out for safe keeping. The scam proposal will look so good and convincing that the victim will believe on such proposal to the extent that the victim will loose all his or her hard earned money to the perpetrators, leaving the victims disappointed and duped of their money. However, if you are a victim of such a crime or scam, to please contact us through our e-mail stating your case or ordeal to us, which will be handle very confidential and with great attention, we will then evaluate your case for free of charge and advice you on the best ways to recover your stolen money from the criminals and as well putting them to jail where the suppose to belong. We can assists you through the following ways:- 1) By identifying the real identity of the perpetrators through our in-depth investigations. 2) By working hard in gathering very useful litigation intelligence against the real perpetrators, which will be very relevant during litigation or trial against them. 3) Tracing the perpetrators or criminals money in the bank and their assets as well, which might be bought with the money duped from you. 4) Most importantly we will stand on your behalf or represent you through a power of attorney when the identified criminals will be brought to trail in the court of law in order to obtain justice against the criminal which will sent them to jail and your stolen ey recovered and be given back to you. 5) We will also works with various legal enforcement authorities empowered by the law to combat such crime in all the respective jurisdictions in order to obtain justice in your favour. 6) Our legal services fees will be paid to us by you from your stolen money recovered from the criminals after prosecuting the criminals in the court of law. As we earlier stated you are fully protected by the law regarding this scam committed against you, so do not be afraid to look for your stolen money, you should take a decisive action by sending an e-mail to us immediately with your ordeal or case so that we can assist you by giving you the best advice that will solve your case and as well work for you to obtain justice. The information and your identity you provided will be well protected and kept confidential. We will appreciate it very much if you will help us to inform any of your friends or relations who are victim of such a crime of our services, because we are determined in extending our professional services in stopping this criminal acts.

Thanks for your understanding. God bless.

Dr Sameul Otule Chief Operation Officer CRIME COMBATS SECURITIES INC. Fax: 44-87-1715-0945 Email:

Date: Sun, 25 2005 20:05:10 +0360 From: "Williams Gaston" <>   To:  Subject: Work at home The young and perspective financial company employs young experts. It is your unique chance to start your career in the company with a world name. We have some kinds of vacancies. You can work freelance or work in office. With us you can achieve new horizons in your career. You can earn up to 3000-4000$ per month. The basic requirements to the candidates are: knowledge of PC and bases of accounts department, honesty, clearness and efficiency in work. If you are interested in the given offer, please send your CV to



From: "Jenny Crow" <>   To:  Subject: earn 1000 EUR per week! Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 16:20:05 -0400 Yo Info!.

Congratulations on recieving our letter with best opportunities for everyone! Our one of the biggest financial companies wants to offer you a good position in our financial sphere. We do big financial cycle operations all over the world, but in USA, New Zealand and Australia we are seeking for people who can help us, please go through this letter and see what we have for you, it will make your day. All you need is internet, you have to be adult and you will need to have your bank account in order for us to pay you money. This job can be called "bank agent-courrier". If interested and want to see more information, you are welcome to visit our webpage at

You don't need to have any experience or any education in order to work with us. Here are all the requirements:

1) You are adult. 2) You need to be available between 9 am - 1 pm on your phone. 3) You need to have bank account so we can pay you.

Simply click on "Register" and make registration on our website. Please consider this offer as a serious business, and you are willing to work with us. Job is very easy, so please be serious about it. We guarantee high payouts for you. We welcome everyone who wants to work with us. Once you will register we will contact you by phone within 24 hours and we will start working with you immideately. Thanks for listening!!!

Best Regards Sylvia Wilkinson

From: "MAYOR4 UNITY" <>   To: Subject: Am awiting your response.Thanks Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 08:55:20 +0000 Bros, I`m happy to read from your message. My name is Ikechukwu, I`m from Abia State (God`s Own State), presently in India now and more or less handle any asia related job.I deal in wash wash and as an asian off-shore payment official also.

The nature/status of jobs depend on the writing/format.

1.)Concerning any asia related job, if a junk/client/s agrees to receives his payment through off-shore payment official this will be done through World Red Cross Association and Movement, I used this word in place of Diplomatic means of delivery (fund), Hence his outstanding claim/s depart from the shore/country in which u are working the client/s from. This case implies by your esteem management informing such client/s that his cash payment or claims will be enroute his country through India.

POSITON/ROLE: In India the consignment will be secured at permanent diplomatic depository,untill the mugu confirms that he has the money and is ready to take delivery at an appointed date after arrival to his country.This situation is very interesting as it ensures that the client is very willing and have the money to pay for the clearance and other associated charges.This arrangement is based on my previous experiences with some asian jobs i forwarded to my guys not in india

Note the name i use for cordinating any business for such is Mr.K.C Koje

I will personally confirm to the mugu as the Operational Director In charge the name of the delivery emperior/envoy who will be arriving his country with his inheritance claim/classified valuables from our transit station in Asia-India.

Just tell the mugu with this only "that his inheritance claim/fund or whatsoever will be enroute his country through India." while you shall disclose the name of the contracted United Nation Envoy as Mr. Michael Robert (Chief Delivery Fudiciary Agent), Send him about his inheritance cliam departure from the shore of the country which u are working the mugus from, so I will confirm here in India while any of my Boys will move immediately as to attend the man.


You can disclosed him that due Money Regulatory Policy in your country that your esteem management will prefer to his/her inheritance claim cash/sealed down to India through a Fudiciary Agent process evarting customs/immigration proceed with the help of the Fudiciary Agent which would be well paid to see to it that it gets there safelly/on dictected.

You can tell him that the Deliverying official are working for a shipping company that is assigned to bring classified valuables to India and their destination is only Bombay, and as a matter of facts the contents will be declare as "VALUABLES" the Fudiciary Agent has all immunity to move this cash and do not know the Content of the box with him as money. You can as well assure such client/s that your management will be sending also a representative from your management who will assist him as to make sure that there is a free hitch delivery.

You will also inform the client/s of the destination in India, where he has to presents for claim. In such case you will endeavor to give the client/s a charge known as Shipment Administrative Charge, which he or she has to be.

STRICTLY GUIDELINES FOR A SUCCESSIVE JOB: You have to inform the client/s about the dealings and warn him/her seriously not to disclose contents of his/her classified valuables to the Fudiciary Official who will be assign to move down his payment cash sealed down to his country.

Hence the client/s is co-operating the business will be succesful. Your management should also request for a client/s readiness to handle all proceeds at his or her end, Note: that it is necessary that such client/s will forward his full contact details including a private mobile number, address, and full name to submit for the unward sealed forwarding of his or her cash payment.

BROS, I will provide you with all other details, you have to know about this brief formular for packaging a job unless you has a method that works easily for you.

Finally disclosing a destination for a client/s as where his classified valuables will land will depends on the location of such client/s, If the location of the client/s is New Delhi then Mumbai will be arrival state.If the client/s is from Mumbai this implies his classified valuables will land in New Delhi, where the client/s is neither from New Delhi nor Mumbai. You use New Delhi as the Arrival State.

Am awiting your response.Thanks Ikechukwu.Bros,

From: "Shirley Gunn" <>   To: _ Subject: Work at home Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 22:55:09 +0300 Please read this letter attentively! Hello, our company opens a new vacancy. Any interested person can become our manager. Our vacancy is opened for you if

you are:

- Age: from 18 till 60 years - Have a skill to communicate and access to the Internet. - You can speak english language above average - You need to know how to use excel and word.

You will earn from 1000 up to 3000 USD per week, working only some hours per day. You can work part time or full time.

If you are interested in our offer send the following data to our e-mail

- Your full name - Your contact e-mail - Your phone number

If you have any questions. Feel free to ask them.

From: "Jon Peacock" <>   To:  Subject: Nice job. Salary 4000 USD per month. Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 00:11:07 -0480 Please read this letter attentively! Hello, our company opens a new vacancy. Any interested person can become our manager. Our vacancy is opened for you if

you are:

- Age: from 18 till 60 years - Have a skill to communicate and access to the Internet. - You can speak english language above average - You need to know how to use excel and word.

You will earn from 1000 up to 3000 USD per week, working only some hours per day. You can work part time or full time.

If you are interested in our offer send the following data to our e-mail

- Your full name - Your contact e-mail - Your phone number

If you have any questions. Feel free to ask them.

From: "Sidney Byrd" <>   To:  Subject: Invest in your future Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 03:13:59 -0420 Hello Stock owner,

We are a stock promotion company and we can promote any kind of stocks. We are in search of serious partners with whom we can make bussines together.That proposal is for you if you are:

Stock owner

You own an underrated stock and the market price of your stock is from 0.001 to 1$

We can increase the price of your stock and we can increase average day trading volume. We can increase price up to 200-250% in 2-3 weeks and also we can increase volume by 10 times each trading day. You don't have to pay anything in advance. First we increase the price and the volume, then you pay. We will prove it for 1 day for free.

Payment: Our price for that is 6% from the daily volume. We count it by the following formula: (prev. close price + today open price)/2 * daily volume.



If you are interested in our proposal please write me back to the following email:

Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 21:53:54 +0000 From: "kaycee freida" <>   To: "chane lorrie" Subject: Open vacation, garwin ! Reliable workers at home required! Have some spare time to spend? Need to fill it with an easy work at home and get paid for it? We are looking for honest and trustworthy people to work from their homes! We offer a high income potential and an interesting activities with the right cause. No experience necessary. We will train. No start-up costs required.

Want to apply ? Send your resume to: Do you have additional questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 05:57:04 -0700 From:   To:  Subject: Investment - Autom at Automatic withdraw! Payment for referral - INSTANT. Petro Comerc are a private investment program which invests mainly in Foreign Exchange, Stocks on Margin and fixed income products. Is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex and CFD's market trading and investing. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.

We are very skilled in market FOREX, we instantly predict and we fix all changes of the market, therefore we are in the profit. We have thought up excellent strategy, results which you see in figure.

7 days 115% Plan Spent Amount (US$) Weekly Profit (%) Plan 1 $10 - $300 110.00 Plan 2 $301 - $4,000 115.00

14 days 245% Plan Spent Amount (US$) Bi Weekly Profit (%) Plan 1 $25 - $400 235.00 Plan 2 $401 - $2,000 240.00 Plan 3 $2,001 - $10,000 245.00

Plan VIP 30 days - 500% Plan Spent Amount (US$) Monthly Profit (%) Plan 1 - Bonus $220 directly to your egold account $400 - $8,000 500.00

Platinum 100 days - 1000% / Daily Plan Spent Amount (US$) Daily Profit (%) Plan 1 - Back 10% $1,000 - $10,000 1000.00

Use our referral program and earn up to 21.00% of referral deposits!

Our first level referral bonuses: Name From To Commision (%) Classic 1 10 15.00 Premium 11 and more 21.00

Our other levels referral bonuses (not depending on the number of referrals): Level 2: 8.00% Level 3: 4.00%

© Copyright 2006

Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 03:29:44 +0000 From: "thorsten frederic" <>   To: "storm antonietta" <> Subject: Job in your town We are currently accepting applications for Guarantee Manager Position.

REQUIREMENTS: Candidate must have experience with UPS and FedEx shipments, stable internet connection at home. Computer Literate a must Ideal candidates will need to fill requisitions and orders in a timely manner, ability to lift up to 50 pounds.

We offer excellent compensation, benefits and opportunities for personal growth, flexible hours, training and development, as well as the vacation schedule. Great opportunity to work in a fast paced environment and learn from a world-class organization.

JOIN A WINNING TEAM! If you are looking for a competitive wage, solid opportunity and a career path to success, contact us now! We would LOVE to work with you, so reply to this posting and send us your resume today. Don't put your career in the hands of just anyone, put it in the hands of a specialist. Join the Shark Logistics Staffing team!

Send your resumes: (Only U.S. resumes accepted) Do you have additional questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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