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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Our corporate transactional and business attorneys have led many mergers and acquisition transactions.  Our attorneys can advise on the most appropriate acquisition structure among statutory mergers, forward mergers, reverse mergers, triangular mergers, reverse triangular mergers, stock acquisitions, asset purchases, tender offers and management takeovers.  We can advise on important tax, payment and liquidity issues.  We can prepare the letters of intent, acquisition agreement, the multitude of schedules, legal opinions and regulatory filings.  Our lawyers can take an active role in the due diligence process.  We can help advise on important deal points.  We can act as a creative dealmaker, yet tough-minded negotiator in representing your interests.

Our attorneys have represented many clients in  merger and acquisition transactions from small deals (restaurant sales) to transactions worth as much as a half a billion dollars.   Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and creative problem solvers who are used to the fast paced, around the clock, deadline critical environment of M&A transactions.   Our attorneys have a track record of getting the deal closed.   

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