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 Lottery Name List and Index (N-Z)

Lottery Scam E-mails

Lottery scam e-mails are unsolicited e-mails that say that you've won millions of dollars for a lottery you never entered.  The scam artist may use the name of a legitimate lottery as part of the scam.  Generally, these e-mails originate somewhere outside the US, where the criminals can safely scam you, with virtually no chance of getting arrested or prosecuted.  At some point, they will ask you to pay some fee or fees to claim your prize.  A legitimate lottery does not ask this.  Once you are onto their scam, they will disappear and your chance of any type of recovery is essentially none.  We have received many unsolicited e-mails that appear to be Lottery Scam E-mails.  For a list of lotteries named in the e-mails, see below:  


  Find Lotteries by Name 

Find lottery names beginning N-Z below.  For lottery names A-M, go to Lottery Names (A-M).  Click on link to see one or more emails.  If you don't see the lottery listed below, search Google with AND "lottery name you want to check".


National Agency Espana

National Cash-Out Lotto BV 

National Dutch Euro Million Lottery

National Euro Millions Lottery

National Gold Lotto

National Liverwood Lottery

National Loterij International

National Lotery

National Lottery

National Lottery (Netherlands)

National Lottery Board

National Lottery of Burkina Faso

National Lottery Nigeria

National Lottery Online

National Lottery Promo International

National Lottery United Kingdom

National Moneyballs Lottery

National Moneyballs Promotion

National Sports Lottery

Nationale Postcode International

Nationale Postcode Loterij

Nationale Postcode Loterij Netherlands

Nationale Postcode Loterij NL

Ned Lotto

Nederburg Lottery

Nederland Dayzers

Nederlands Lottery

Nederlandse Staatsloterij

Nestle Aid Organization

Net-Drive Incorporation

Net Exploration Program

Net Lottery

Net Lotto

Netherland Game Board

Netherland Gaming Board

Netherland Lottery

Netherland Toto Tip Lottery

Netherlands Lottery

Netherlands Molblog Association

Netherlands National Lottery

Netherlands Prime Lottery

Netherlands Promotion

Netherlands Promotion Company

Netherlands Staatsloterij

Netpoint Lottery

New Hope Lottery

New Hope Lotto

New Media Lottery Services

New Mexico Lottery

New Mexico Sweepstakes

New York Lottery

NKL Electronic Mail Ballot System

NKL International Lottery

NL Lotto.NL

NL-Webmail Superball Promo Int.

NNPC Lottery

Nokia Award Promotion

Nokia Connecting People Promotion

Nokia Easter Promotion 

Nokia Hotmail Promo

Nokia International Lottery

Nokia Mobile Promotion

Nokia N' Series Promotion

Nokia Online Promo

Nokia Promotion 

Nokia UK Promotion

Nokia West Africa Promo

Norwich Lottery

NPL Email Award

NSW Australian Lottery

NSW Lotteries Corporation

Nueva-Oro Lottery

Ocean Blu Award

Ocean Blu Lottery

Ola Online Lottery

Olympic Lottery

Omega Lottery

Once Espana Promo

Once Espana Lotto Promo

Once Loteria Espanol 

Once Loteria International

Once Loteria Promotion 

Once Mega Lottery

Once Online Lottery

Once Promo

Once Spanish Lotto Promo

Once Sweepstakes Lottery

Once Worldwide Internet User Lottery

One Million Dollars Lottery

One Million Euros Lottery Promotion

One World One Dream 2008 Beijing Award Prize

Onlae Internacional Loteria Promotion

Onlae Loteria Internacional Promotion

Onlae Lottery

Onlae Promotion

Onlaeloteria Internacional

Online Cyber Lottery

Online Cyber Lotto

Online European

Online Micro-Soft Supersorteo Lottery

Online Sweep Lottery

Online Web Promotion

Ontario Extra-West Canada Lottery

Ontario 49 Lotto

OPEC Lottery

Oregon Games Lottery

OSA Lottery

OSA - UK National Lottery

Overseas Lottery International 

Overseas Stakes Lottery

OXFAM GB - UK Cash Grant/Donation

Oxford International Lottery

Oxford Online Lottery

Pacific Green Lottery

Pacific Promotions Lottery

Patronage Bonanza

Payday International Lotteria

Peak Online Promotions

Pee Software Lottery

Pepsi Company Worldwide Promotion

Pepsi International Promotion 

Pepsi Lottery

Pepsi Lotto Promo

Pepsi Promotions

Peugeot Automobile Lottery

Peugeot Automobiles Lottery

Peugeot Online Car /Cash Award Prize

Pick Winners Online

Piggs Promotion Lottery

Pime Foundation

Pinnacle Aid

Planet Lottery

Platinum Lottery International 

Poker Online Promotions

Poland National Lottery

Portuges National Loterias

Postcode Loterij

Postcode Lottery

Postcode Lotto

Postcode Lotto International

Postcode Staats Loterij

Poule aux Oeufs d'Or (La)

Power Ball Cyber Promotion

Powerball Euro

Powerball Inter Lotto

Powerball Int'l Jackpot/Lottery

Powerball Lottery

Powerball Lottery E-Games

Powerball Lottery Group International

Power Ball Lottery NL

Power Ball Lottery Online Award Team

Power Ball Lottery Promo

Powerball Lotto

Powerball Lotto Group

Powerball Lotto International

Powerball Lotto Wheel E-Game

Powerball Online Lottery

Power Line E-mail Lottery

Power Line International 

Premetiva Loterai

Premier League Lottery Sweepstakes

Premier Lottery UK Online

Premium Lottery Games

Prestige Card Tombola

Prime Lottery

Primitiva International

Protea Online Winners Organization Lottery

PROTEA Winners Organization Lottery

Proximus Diamond Lottery

Publishers Clearing House Monthly Draws

Publishers Clearing House Promotional Program

Publishers Clearing House/ Winx Lotto International   

PW Lottery

Pyramid International Lottery

Q Software

Quad Cruise International Prize

QuadCruise Lottery

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation

Quest Lottery

Rainbow-Net Lottery

Rand Lottery International

Random Email Lottery

Range Rover Automobiles Promotion

Real Campo Free Award

Real Campo Free Lottery

Real Exchange Lotto

Reality Lottery

Reality Lottery International

Realty Seguros

Red Cross International Lottery

Red-Dot Company

Red Kings Online Promotions

Redkings Online Promotion

Ride Foundation

Rinex Sweepstakes

Rise-up Foundation Lottery

Rocket Express E-Mail Lottery

Rolling Spin Lottery UK  

Rotary Club International

Royal Amster  

Royal Crown Lottery

Royal Dutch Heritage International

Royal Dutch Staatsloterij

Royal Heritage Lottery International

Royal Heritage Mega Jackpot Lottery

Royal International

Royal Irish Lottery

Royal Lottery Ireland

Royal-Lotto Sweepstake Lottery

Royal National Lottery

Royal Pacific Lottery

Royal Philips Electronics Foundation Lottery

Royal Spainish Sweepstake Lottery

Royal Spanish Sweepstake Lottery

Royalty Lotto Promotions UK

SA LOC Union Promotions

Sachsen Lotto

SAFA International Lottery

Samsung Company Promotion

Samsung Electronic Lottery

Samsung Electronics Bonanza 

Samsung Electronics Prize Award

Samsung Electronics Promotion  

Sanex Lotto

Santa Claus Christmas and New Year Draws

Satellite Software Email Lotto

Schafthausen Lotterien

Scoop Lotto

Scotland National Lottery

Scotland Promotions

Scottish National Lottery

Scottish Electronics Seasonal Award

Sealant Lottery

Seasonal Lottery

Seat Auto E-mail Promotion

Seat Automobile Promotion

Select De Lotto

Select Lottery

Select Lotto

SelectLotto International

SEMA National 

Serra International Lottery

Serra Lotto International

Sharp Products Promotion

Shell Award

Shell Foundation 

Shell Foundation Nigeria 

Shell International Lottery

Shell International Promo

Shell Lottery International

Shell Lottery Promo

Shell Online Promo

Shell Petroleum Development Company Lottery

Shell Petroleum International Lottery Promotion

Shell/Texaco Lottery

Silver Stake Category Winner

Silver Star International Lottery

6 Ball Games Lottery

6 Dice Lottery UK

SKL Global Lottery

Sky Lottery

Skyblue Lotto Winners Lottery

Skype Awards Promo

Slidecircuir Award

Snowball Lottery

Snowball Stake Lottery

Software International Lottery

Software Manufacturer Promotion

Software Organisation International

South Africa Bono International Free Lottery

South Africa Lottery

South Africa National Lottery

South Africa World Cup 2010 Email Lottery

South African Lotto Authority

South African Lottery

South Australia Lotteries

South Australia Lottery

Southeast Asia Int'l Lottery

South-West Australia Lottery

Spain Free Lotto Casino Award

Spanish El Gordo Lottery

Spanish Euro Million Lottery International

Spanish Euromillion Lottery

Spanish European Lottery Board

Spanish Free Lottery

Spanish Global Lottery

Spanish Int'l Lotto

Spanish International E-Mail Award Promotion

Spanish Lottery

Spanish Lottery Internacional

Spanish Lotto

Spanish Moneyballs Sweepstake Lottery

Spanish National Lotteria 

Spanish National Lottery

Spanish Online International Lottery

Spanish Rolls-Royce Centenary Anniversary

Spanish Rolls-Royce Draw

Spanish Sweeftake Lottery International

Spanish Sweepstake Lottery International Promotion

Spanish Sweepstake Lottery Promotion

Special FIFA Lotto

Spel Lottery

SPNL Sweepstakes e-Lottery

Sponsor Loteria Jackpot & Promotions

Sponsor Loterij

Sponsor Lotto Promo

Sponsors Lottery

Staat Lotto

Staat Meespelen Loterij

Staat.NL Lottery


Staats Loterij NL


Staatsloterij Amsterdam 

Staatsloterij Email Lottery International

Staatsloterij International B.V

Staatsloterij International Prize Award

Staatsloterij Jackpot

Staatsloterij Lottery

Staatsloterij Lottery Int

Staatsloterij Lottery International Award

Staatsloterij Lotto

Staatsloterij NL

Staatsloterij NL 2006

Staatsloterij NL 2007

Staatsloterij One Million Euros Lottery

Staatsloterij Promotions

Staatsloterij 2007 Promotion

Staats Lotto International   

Staats Prize Award



Star Lottery

Star Prize

Star World Lotteries

Starlink Promotional Lottery

Starnet Lotto Netherlands

State Lottery Promotion

Stichting INGKA Foundation

Stings Lottery

Stitching de Nationale Sporttotalisator

Striker Million Lottery

Suddeutsche Klassenlotterie

Summer Lottery

Summerset International Lottery

SunFun Lottery UK

Suntrust Lottery

Super Enal Lotto

Superbal E-Mail Lottery

Superbal Lottery International 


Super Lotto Plus

Super Premio

Supersonic Lotto

Supersorteo Lottery Games International

Supersorteo Millones Espanol Lottery

Surf Lottery International

Surf Lottory 

Swedish Playtake

Sweeps Stake Lottery

Sweepsstake Lottery International

Sweepstake Lottery Company

Sweepstakes Online Lottery

Sweepstakes UK Lotto

Sweet Win Lottery

Sweetwin Lotto Promo Lottery  

Swiss Email Lottery

Swiss Lottery

Swiss Lotto

Swiss Lotto Nederland

Swiss-Lotto Netherlands

Swiss-Lotto Online Gaming 

Swiss Lotto Satellite Software Email Lottery

Swiss Lotto UK

Swiss National Lottery

Swiss Online Lottery 

Swiss / South Africa Lottery

Swize Lottery

Tagged Email Lottery

Techie Charity Promotion

Telstra Lotto Netherlands

Tennessee Web Lottery

Texas Lottery

Thai Lottery

Thai International Promotions 

Thai Internet Lottery

Thailand Lottery

The National Lottery

The-Netherlands Lottery

Thunderball Lottery

T-Mobile Lottery

Toshiba Electronic Seasonal Award

Toshiba-Microsoft Lottery

Toshiba-Microsoft Poland

Toto Lotto

Toyota Car International Promotion Program

Toyota Car Lottery

Toyota Car Promotions

Toyota International Lotto

Toyota Fortune Lotto Draw

Toyota Lottery

Toyota Online Lottery

Toyota Online Promotion

Transglobe Express Lottery

Trinity Sponsor Bingo Lotterij

Triple Lottery Online

Tripple Wins International Games

Tristar Sweepstake Lottery

Trust International Lottery

Twenty-One Claiming Online Promotion

2007 Award Christmas Bonanza

2010 Online Lottery

2010 Promotional Draw

2010 World Cup Promotion

UK Camelot Lottery


UK Charity Foundation Promotion Lottery

UK Gambling Board

UK Global Lottery International

UK International Email Draw

UK International E-Mail Lottery

UK International Lottery

UK International Lottery Sweepstakes

UK Lottery Award Department 

UK Lottery International

UK Lottery Organization

UK Lotto Online

UK-Lotto Organisation

UK-Lotto Sweepstake Lottery

UK Mega Jackpot Lottery

UK National Email Lottery

UK National Lottery

UK National Lottery and Microsoft Promotions

UK National Lottery Board

UK National Lottery Email Draw

UK National Lottery International

UK National Lottery Online Promo

UK National Lottery Online Promotion 

UK National Lottery Online Sweepstakes

UK National Lottery Service

UK National Lotto

UK National Online Lottery

UK National Online Lotto

UK National Web Lottery

UKON 2006 Lottery

UKOnline International Lottery

UK Online Lotto

UK Online Promo

UK Overseas Lottery

UK Premier National Lotto

UK/SA National Lottery

UK Stake National Lottery

UK Sweepstakes International Program

UK Sweepstakes New Year Promo

UK Universal Lottery 

Ultimate E-Lottery 

UN Games Promo

UN Lottery

UniAir Annual Lottery

UniAir U.S Visa Lottery Program

UniAir Visa Lottery

UNICEF Lottery


Union House International Holland

United Kingdom Email  Fund

United Kingdom/France Foundation Lottery

United Kingdom International Lottery

United Kingdom Lottery

United Kingdom Lotto

United Kingdom National Lottery

United Kingdom National Lottery Sweepstakes 

United Nation International Awareness Promotion

United Nations Association of the UK

United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Foundation Grant Award

United Nations Lotto

United Nations Online Lottery International

United Nations Sweepstakes

United Nations Trust Funds

United Nations Yearly Promotion

United States of America International Lottery   

Univers Loterie

Univers Lottery

Universal Lottery

Universal Lotto

Universal Stakes Lottery

Universal Swiss Lottery

United Nations Lotto

United Nations Sweepstakes

Unltd. Promo Online

Untitled (listed by coordinator): Vossestein

Uplift International Computer Lottery

Uplift International Lottery

Uplift Nacional Award

Urban Lottery

US Green Card Lottery

U.S. Lottery

US Lottery International Lottery Promotion

USA International Visa Lottery

Uthingo National Lottery

Venix Lotto

Ventural Ventures Lottery International

Vernus Millionaire Lotto

Vice President International Promotions

VIMTO International Award Promo

Virgin Casino Promotion

Virgin International Lottery

Virginia International Promotion Lottery

Virginia National Lottery Promotion

Visa Lottery

Visa/Master Card Credit Lottery

Vittorio Fondazione,

Vittorio Foundation

Vodafone International Award 

Vodafone.NL Lottery

Vodafone Online Promo International

Vodafone Promotions

Volkswagen Car Promotional Lottery

Volkswagen Lottery

Volkswagen Official Prize

Volkswagen Promotional Lottery

Wallwinners Lottery

Walmart Lottery

Watford Lottery

Web Free Lottery

Web FreeLotto

Web Nett Internet Exploration Lottery

Web Tech Lottery

Webmail Superball

WebEx Incorporaton Lottery

Webex Lottery International

Weekend Balloting Online Game

Welfare Lottery

West Cliff Casino Board International Promotion   

Western Canada Lottery

Western Union Promo

Western Union Sweepstakes

Wheel E-Games

Whit Bread Promotions

W.H.O. Financial Grants Promotions

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Promo

Wina Manje Lottery Company

Windset International Lotto

Winner Lotto Sweepstakes

Winner Rainbow Lotto

Winx International Draw Promotion,

Winx International Lotto Draw

Winx Lotto International

Winx Lotto Promo Int.

Winx Promo Int.

Word Abonnee Lotto

Word Lotto International

World Cup Lottery

World Gaming Board Sweepstakes

World Ride Foundation E-Lottery

World Software Inter Lotto

World Software International Lottery

World Software Lotto

World Star Lottery BV

World Vision UK

World Wide Cyber Microsoft/Staat Software Promotion

World Wide Internet Technology Companies 

World Wide Web Sweepstakes Lottery

Xanga Web Lottery

Xmas Lottery Promo

Xsmas Bonus Lottery

Yabo Millionare

Yago Lotto

Yahoo Awards Center

Yahoo! Beta Cash Lotto  

Yahoo Beta Lottery

Yahoo Beta Microsoft International Award

Yahoo Email Lottery Promotion

Yahoo Financial Promo

Yahoo Financial Promotions

Yahoo International Lottery

Yahoo! International Promotions

Yahoo Internet Lottery

Yahoo Lottery

Yahoo Lottery International

Yahoo Lottery Prize Award

Yahoo Lotto Org.

Yahoo Lotto Promo

Yahoo Mail Beta Lottery

Yahoo! Mail Classic Award 

Yahoo Mail Lottery

Yahoo Micro Lottery

Yahoo/MSN/AOL/Google/ Global Lottery

Yahoo/MSN Lottery

Yahoo/MSN Lottery Incorporation

Yahoo! News Lottery

Yahoo News Lottery (2)

Yahoo! Online Email Lottery

Yahoo Promotions NL

Yahoo Splash Promotions

Yahoo Windows Live Mail Beta Prize

Year 2007 Email Sweepstakes

ZDNET Online

Zenith Lottery

Zo Werkt Lotto

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