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 Lottery Name List and Index (A-M)

Lottery Scam E-mails

Lottery scam e-mails are unsolicited e-mails that say that you've won millions of dollars for a lottery you never entered.  The scam artist may use the name of a legitimate lottery as part of the scam.  Generally, these e-mails originate somewhere outside the US, where the criminals can safely scam you, with virtually no chance of getting arrested or prosecuted.  At some point, they will ask you to pay some fee or fees to claim your prize.  A legitimate lottery does not ask this.  Once you are onto their scam, they will disappear and your chance of any type of recovery is essentially none.  We received many unsolicited e-mails that appear to be Lottery Scam E-mails.  For a list of lotteries named in the e-mails, see below:  


  Find Lotteries by Name 

Find lottery names beginning A-M below.  For lottery names N-Z, go to Lottery Names (N-Z).  Click on link to see one or more emails.  If you don't see the lottery listed below, search Google with AND "lottery name you want to check".

Accu-Online Draws International Program Award

Accu Online Promotions

Accu-Online Sweepstakes

Accul Lotto International

Acculotto International 

Acculotto Nacional Award

ACLU Lotto

ACN Lottery International

Actionaid Online Email Lottery

AEA Sweepstakes Award

Afro Asia Lottery

Afro Europe Lottery

Airtech Worldwide Lotto

Albany Global Promo

Albukhary Foundation

Alicante Loteria

Alliance Members International Net Award

Alliance Lottery International

Alliance Prize Award

Alltipp Lotto Jackpot

American Award Promo

American DV2007 Visa Lottery

American Mega Millions Lottery

Amstel Pilsener Beer Company Annual Promotions

Andalucia Lotto

Apec Lottery

Apple Lottery

Apple Lottery Sweepstakes International

Applecrest & Grant Lotteries

Asean Lottery International

Asean Promotions

Asean/UK Lottery Intl Promotion

Asia Email Promo

Asia Lottery Promotions

Asia Online International Lottery

Asia-Pacific Economic Lottery

Asia Pacific International Promotions

Asia Pacific Int'l Lottery

Asia Pacific Lottery Association

Asian-European Lottery International

Asian Pacific International Lottery

Asian Pacific Promotion

Asia UK National Lottery

Asia Union

Association Of European Charity Foundations

Atlantic Promotions


Aussie Lottery

Aussie National Online Draw

Australia Europe Lotto Lottery

Australia International Lottery

Australia Lottery

Australia Lottery Online

Australia Lottery System

Australia Lotto Lottery

Australian Cashout-Lotto

Australian Electronic Lottery

Australian International Lottery

Australian International Sweepstakes Lottery 

Australian Lottery

Australian Lottery International

Australian Lottery Online

Australian Lottery Programs  

Australian Lotto

Australian Lotto Lottery

Australian National Lottery

Australina Online Promo International

Awards Winners Exchange Lottery

BankGiro International

Bank Giro Loterij

Bank Giro Loterij Awards

Bank Giro Loterij International

Bank Giro Lottery

Bank Giro Lottery

Barclays International Lottery

BBC Lottery

BBVA Humanity Sweepstakes Awards

Beijing World Online Cyber Olympics Games 2008 Lotto Promotion 

Belgische Lottery

Belgische Lotto

Belgish Lotto

Belgium Email Lotto

Belgium Lottery

Belgium Lotto

Belgium National Lottery

Belgium National Lottery Agency

Belgium Nationale Lottery

Belkin Aid International

Best of the Best Lottery International

Better Life Promotion

Beverly Hills Sweepstakes

Beverly International Lottery

Big Big Lotto

Big Lottery Fund

Bigchance Lottery Ltd

BigTime Lottery

Bill Gates Award Promotion

Bill Gates Foundation Lottery

Bingo Lottery

Bingo Lotto

Bingolocity Online

Bingo Online Lottery

Blue Moon Lottery International

BMW Automobile International Awareness Promotion

BMW e-Lottery Bonanza

BMW Golden Jubilee Promotion

BMWGroup International Awareness Programme

BMW Group Promotion

BMW International Awareness Promotion

BMW Jackpot Lotto

BMWLand Cars Promotional Lottery

BMW Lottery

BMW Promotion  

Boardline Lottery

Bonanza UK Award

Bono Loto Primativa Lottery

Bono Lottery International

Bono Lottery Promotion

Bonoloto Internacional

Bonolotto Lottery

Bonus Lottery Promotion

Box Lotto

British American Online Lottery

British American Online Lottery Commission

British American Tobacco Promotion

British and Google Cooperation UK

British and Microsoft Lottery

British Charities Lottery

British Charity Lottery Promotion 

British Exchange Online Lottery 

British Gaming Board Lottery

British Global Lottery

British Global Online Lottery

British Heritage Trust Funds

British Hotball Lotto

British Hot Lotto

British Intercasino Lottery

British Internation Lottery

British International Lottery

British Lottery

British Lottery Department UK

British Lottery Games

British Lottery International

British Lottery London

British Lottery-Yahoo Promotions   

British Lottery 6/49

British Lotto Lottery

British Lotto Plus

British Lucky Surf Lottery

British Microsoft Award

British Microsoft E-Mail Select Award

British Microsoft National Lottery

British Microsoft / Yahoo Award 

British National Lottery

British Online Game

British Online Lottery

British Online Lottery Promo

British Online Sweepstake Promo

British Promo Online

British Royal Lottery

British Royal Mega Lottery

British Seasonal Award

British South Africa Lottery

British Tobacco Mega Jackpot Promotion

British Web Lottery

British Winners Lottery

BSA Lottery

BTL Lottery

Bulgarian Lottery

Burkina Faso Lottery

CAF SAFA Lottery

Camelot Group

Camelot Group Promo

Camelot Online Gaming Lottery

Camelot Online Lottery Promo

Campo Free Lotteria Programs Award

Canada Lottery

Canada Lottery/Ontario 49 Soccer World Cup 2010 Promotional Draw

Canada Lottery- Soccer World Cup 2010

Canadian Email Lottery

Canadian/Euro Stakes Lottery

Canadian Global Online Lottery

Canadian Lottery

Canadian Lottery Awards 

Canadian Lottery Promo

Canadian National Lottery  

Cancun E-game Lottery

Cancun Lucky7 E-Games

Caprabocasa Lottery International

Cardiff Lottery

Carlsberg Beer & Carlsberg Malt Breweries Promotion Award

Carmelot Britis Lottery

Carnival Lottery

Carol Limited International Lottery

Cash Aid

Cashout Lotto

Casino Award

Casino Jackpot Online Game

Casino Lottery

Casino Online Game

Casino-Web Lottery

Casino-Web Lottery Promo

Catalan Promotional Award

Category "A" Winner

Catholic Charities Foundation

Century Lottery

Century Mega Lottery

Certified Promo Draw

Charities Lottery Promotions

Chelsea Football Club Award Department Program

Chelsea Football Club Promotions

Chevron Oil Corporation Cash Donation

Chevron Oil Petroleum Bonanza

Chevron-Texaco Promo

Chevron-Texaco Promotions 

China Lotto

China National Lottery

Christian Aid Award

Christian Welfare Organization

Christmas Bonanza

Circulo Lottery

Clicks Lottery

Coca Cola BV

Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola Company/Heineken International Promotion

Coca Cola Company Promotion

Coca Cola Company Promotions

Coca Cola Company Seasonal Promotion

Coca Cola Chelsea Football Club Lottery

Coca Cola Digital Network International Lottery

Coca Cola Lottery

Coca Cola Online Promo

Coca-Cola Online Promotions

Coca/Reddot Promotions

Coca Cola Serial Number Lottery

Coddan Lottery

Coke Side of Life Lottery Promo

Combiplay Lottery

Compagnie Coca Cola

Commonwealth of Nations

Computer Promotional Draw

Connecticut Lottery

Consolation Prize Group

Content Software International Lottery

Continental Lottery

Continental Lottery Foundation

Continental Lotto

Costa Coffee Promotions

C˘te d'Ivoire Tombola

Coventry Lottery 

Coventry Promotions

Crystal Software Lottery

Crystal Sweepstakes

CVB International Lottery

Cyber Lottery

Danish Award

Danish Promotion

Dayzer European Email Promotion

Dayzers E-Mail International Lottery

Dayzers E-mail Lottery International

Dayzers Incorporation BV

Dayzers International Lottery 

Dayzers Internet Software & Hardware Promotion

Dayzers Loterj

Dayzers Loterij International Promotion

Dayzers Lottery

Dayzers Lottery Award

Dayzers Lottery International  

Dayzers Lottery National

Dayzers National Lottery

Dayzers Nederland Lottery

Dayzers Nederland Organization

Dayzers NL International 

Dayzers NL International Loterij

Dayzers Online Lottery

Dayzers Prime Lottery

Dayzers Toshiba Microsoft

Deaf Financial Bank Lotto

De Casino Online Int S.L

De Goldstar E-Game

Dell Computers

Dell Electronics Seasonal Award

Dell UK Lottery

De Loterie Romande

De Lotto Netherlands

De Lotto NL International

Delottobv International

De-Lotto Switzerland

De Luckystar E-Games

DeMega Global Lotto Org & Alliance Group Int'L

Democratic Party

De Nederland Lotto

De Nederlandse Dayzers Promotion

De Nederlandse Staatsloterij

De-Royal Dutch

Destiny Loterij

Destiny Lottery International

Director International Prize Award

Diversity-2006-2007 Green Card Visa Lottery

Doha Games

DSB Online Lottery

Dutch Lotto

Dutch-Microsoft Software Promotions

Dutch Union Lottery

E.A.A.S. Lottery

Earthling Lottery

Easidial Lottery

Easter Celebration

Easter Promotion

East West Australia Lotteries

East-West Australia Lottery

Easydraw Email Lottery

Easydraw Loteria Espanol

Easydraw International

Easydraw Lotto

Easydraw Promotion

Easydraw Software

Easygame Lottery

Ebay Award Lottery

eBay Multi-Email Award

eBay Promotion

ECO Lottery

Ecology & Heritage Lottery 

E-Commerce Foundation

E-Commerce Foundation International

ECOWAS Donations

Eglise Catholique en France

E.I Lottery Online

El Combo Loteria

El Combo Lottery

El-Couponazo Lotto

Electronic Lottery

Electronic Lotto

Electronik Lottery

Elegance Award Draw

El Gordo De La Primitiva

Elgordo Espanol Lottery 

El Gordo Loteria

Elgordo Lottery

Elgordo Lottery Award 2007

El-Gordo Lottery De La Primitiva

Elgordo Lotto

El Gordo Spanish Alicante Loteria

El Gordo Spanish Lottery

Elgordo Spanish Sweepstake Lottery

Elkedag Laatest Lottery

E-Lottery Company

E-Lottery Syndicate

El Primitiva Loterias

E-Mail Electronic Online Sweepstakes  

E-mail International Draw

Email Loteria Shop Award

Email Lottery

E-Mail Lottery Award

E-Mail Lottery Ballot International

Email Raffle Draw

E-Mails Lottery Raffle Draw

E-Millionaire Lottery

Emirates Heritage Lottery

Emirates Heritage Promo

EML Lottery Award

Enal On-Line Lottery

End of Year International Lottery

End of Year Promotion

EPPW Lotto

Equity Trust Lottery

E-Games Random Selection System

Espana Bonolotto International  

Espana Real Campo Free Award

Esperanza Lottery

EU Gaming Incorporation Award

EU Lottery Online

EU Lotto Award

EU Online Lottery

EuroAfric Free Net Lottery

Euro-Afro-American Lottery

Euro-Afro-Asian Sweepstake

Euro Afro Asian Sweepstakes Lottery

EuroCentral Awards

EuroCredit Security and Finance

Euro Funds Promo

Euro Grand Stake Promo

Euro International Lottery

Euro League Promo

Euro Lottery

Euro Lottery International

Euro Megamillions International Lottery

Euro Million Award

Euro Million E-mail Lottery International

Euro Million Loteria

Euro-Million Loteria Espanyol

Euro Million Loterij

Euro Million Lottery Award

Euro Million Lottery International

Euro Million Lottery Program

Euro Million Lotto

Euro Million National Lottery

Euro Million Online Promo Programme

Euro Million Spainsh Lottery

Euro Million Spanish Lottery

Euro Million Spanish Sweepstake International Program

Euro Million Web Game

Euro Millionaire Lottery

Euro Milliones Espanol Lottery

Euro Milliones Lottery

Euro Milliones Spanish Lottery

Euro Millions Award

Euro Millions London

Euro Millions Lottery

Euro Millions Lottery International

Euro Millions Lottery Stake International

Euro Millions Microsoft Mega Jackpot Lotto

Euro Millions Promo

Euro Millions Spanish International Lottery

Euro Millions Sweepstake

Euro Millones Espana    

Euro Millones Lottery

Euro Millones Lottery International

Euro Security

Euro Staatloterij

Euro Starluck Lottery International

Eurolink Global Lottery

Euromiliones Espana Intl

EuroMillion 2007

EuroMillion International

Euromillion Loteria Espanol

Euromillion Lottery Int Holland

EuroMillion Microsoft Awards

Euromillion/Ventural Ventures Lottery

EuroMilliones Lottery

Euromilliones Lottery Primitiva

EuroMillions Awards

EuroMillions Ballot Draw

Euromillions FreeDraws

Euromillions International

EuroMillions Lottery

EuroMillions Lottery SPE

EuroMillones Award

EuroMillones Lottery

EuroMillones Mega Award

Europe Elgordo Sweepstake Lottery

Europe Lottery Million

Europe Million Int Lottery Award

Europe Million Lottery

Europe National Lottery

Europe Software International Lottery

European Commission

European Champions League

European Lottery

European Lottery International

European Lottery Netherlands

European Lotto Promo Int

European National Lottery

European Prize Award Department

European Software Manufacturers Association

European Software National Lottery

European UK SA Union  

European Union Direct Development Award

European Union International Lottery 

European Union Lottery

European Union Lottery Award

Europeansloto Stake Inc.

EuroPW Award

EuroPW Lotto

EuroPW Lottery Online

Euros Millions Lottery International

Evergreen Promotional Draws

Excite Lottery

Execs Ventures

Expert Lotto Sweepstakes

Expert Sweepstake Programme

Favour Lottery

FedEx Season Promo


Fiduciarybvsiste Lottery

FIFA Promo

FIFA World Cup Lotto

Fings Lottery

Flash Fortune Lottery

Flash Fortune Lotto International

Flash Fortune Lotto South Africa

Fly Emirates Airlines / Emirates Group Promo

Fondation de France

Fondazion Di Vittorio

Fondazione di Vittorio 

Fonds Kowetien

Ford Foundation

Ford Motors Promo

Foundation de France

Foundation Lotery

Foundazion Di Vittorio

Franconet Lotterie

Free Award National Lottery

Free Knowledge Foundation

Free Loteria

Free Loteria Nacional

Freelotery Automatic Subscription Ticket

Free Lotto Award 

Free Lotto Casino Award

Free Lotto Company

Free Lotto International

Free Lotto Online Promo

Free National Lotto Extra

Freelotto Casino Promotion  

Freelotto International

Freelotto International Email Promotion

FreeLotto Online International

FreeLotto Stake 

FreeLotto Sweepstake

Freelotto Sweepstakes

Freelotto UK

Free National Lotto

Frontline Lottery

Fundacion German Sanchez Ruiperez

G8 E-Mail Lottery

G.8 Lottery

Gaming Association

GBF International

Gee Software Inc.

Gee Pee Software

German International Lottery

German Lottery

German Lotto

German Net National Lottery

German/UK National Lottery  

Germany Lotery   

Germany World Cup

Giani Lottery

Gings Lottery Games International

Gizmo National Lottery 

Gladwin Sweepstakes International

GLO Lottery

Globa Agency

Global Academic Award Promotion

Global E-Lottery

Global Finance

Global International Lottery 

Global Internet Lottery

Global Lottery Int

Global Lottery International  

Global Lottery Promotions

Global Mega Crossing Lottery International

Global Mega Lottery

Global Mega-Million Lottery

Global Microsoft

Global Millions Lottery International

Global Promotion 2007  

Global Random Lottery


Global Software Agency

Global Software International  

Global Software Lotto

Global Sweepstake Lottery

Global Sweepstakes Megaloteria

Glober Lottery

Globla Promo

Gmail Lottery

GNLD Product Promotion 

GNLD Seasonal Promotion  

Golden Ball Lottery

Goldman International Lottery

Goldmine Spanish Lottery

Goldstar International

Goldwall Lottery

Goldwater Promo Lotto

Google/Alibaba E-business International Lottery

Google Anniversary Give-Away

Google Ballot Lottery

Google Email Lottery

Google Giveaway Lotto

Google Int.

Google Lotteries

Google Lottery

Google Lottery Int.

Google Lottery International

Google Lotto

Google Online Cyber Lottery

Google Promotion

Google 2008 10th year Anniversary Promotion

Government Accredited Licensed Promoters

Government Lottery

Graceland Lottery

Gran Canaria Lotteria

Grand Lottery

Grand Prime Lotto Promo Lottery

Grand Universal Promo

Grandprize Lottery Promotions

Grazia Millea

Greater Days Loterij

Group Lotto

GSM Mobile Sweepstakes Promo

GSMA Mobile Sweepstakes Promo

Guiness Irish Bottling Company

Guinness Annual Promo 

Guinness Charity/Foundation

Guinness Nigeria PLC, Online Promotion

Guinness Stout Promotions

Guinness Universal Charity

Haier Electronics Lottery

Handbells Lottery

Heineken Beer Company Promotions

Heinken Company Seasonal Promotion

Heineken Light Promotion

Heineken N.V Prize

Heineken Online Lottery

Heineken Prize International

Heineken Prizes

Heineken Webstore/Draught Monthly Programme

Heineken Worldwide Lottery

Heinken Casino Royale International Awareness Promotion

Heman Lotto International

Heritage Fund Lottery

Heritage Lottery Funds

Heritage Lottery International

Herma Lotto 

Hewlett Packard Lottery Promotion

Hi Winnnire

Hispanic Lottery International

Holla Award

Holla Winner

Holland Casino Lottery

Holland Casino Promo Int.

Holland E-Lottery

Holland Email Lottery

Holland Free Lotto Casino Award

Holland Visa Lottery

Honda Automobile International Awareness

Honda Car International Promotion

Honda Car Lottery

Honda Company Promotion

Honda Lottery Promotion

Honda Motor International Promotion 

Honda Motors Lotto Promotion

Honda Splash Promo

Hot Lotto Group

Hot Lotto Inc.

Hotmail International Award Programme

Hotmail Lottery

Houkes Lottery Online

HSN International Lottery

Iberia Promotional Award

Icon Promotions

Idaho Lottery

Illinois Lottery

Infinity Lottery

ImpactWinners Lottery

ING Foundation 

Inland Lotto

Inorbit Charity Promotions BV

Inorbit Lottery

Inorbit Promotion B.V.

INT┬┤L Lotto Commission

Intel Group

Interactive World Cup Lottery

Intercasino British Lottery

Intercasino GBP millions British Lottery 

Intercasino Lottery

Intercontinental Lottery

Interglobe Lottery

InterLotto Online

International Asia Promotion

International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR)

International Awareness Promotions

International Electronic Loterij

International Electronic Lottery   

International Loterias Primitiva

International Lottery Commission

International Lottery Committee

International Lottery Global Draw

International Lottery Promo

International Lottery Promotion

International Lottery Promotions

International Lottery Services

International Lotto

International Lotto Organization

International Lotto Program 

International Mega-Million Lottery

International Online Lottery 

International Online Promotions

International Pokers Promo

International Pools Lottery

International Power Ball

International Prize Award

International Promotions Prize Award

International Promotions Prize Award2

International Sports Lottery

International Worldwide Internet User Lottery

Internet Exploration Lottery

Internet Sweepstake Bonanza

Internet Sweepstakes Lottery 

Int'l Lotto Commission

Ipod Worldwide Promotion

Ireland Heritage Lottery Fund  

Ireland Online Lottery

Irish Accredited Lottery

Irish Bigtime Lottery

Irish Foundation Promo

Irish Independent Heritage Trust Funds

Irish Lottery

Irish Lottery E-National Promo 

Irish Lottery Online Sweepstakes

Irish Lottery Programme

Irish National Lottery

Irish National Lottery Online

Irish Online Company Promotion

Irish Web Lottery

Islamic Emails Intercontinental Lottery

Islamic Lottery

Istituto Pace Sviluppo

Italian Farmers

Iwon Bonanza

Jackpot  Promotional Lottery

Jackpot Lottery UK

Jackpotjoy Lottery Promo

Japan Email International Lotto

Japan Email Lotto

Japan Email Promotion Lottery

Japan Jumbo Draw

Japan Jumbo Euro Email Lottery

Japan Lottery

Jumbo Lottery Promo International

Jurist Lotto

Kenworth Truck Company Lottery

Kia Motors


Kraslot Lottery

Krasloten Free Promotion

Krasloten Lotto

Krasloten Promotion

Kresoft International Ltd. Sweepstakes

Kresoft Lottery

Kuwatian Funds 

La Campaigne Award Promotion

La Mundo Lottery

La Primitiva Loteria Espa˝a

La Primitiva Lottery

La Primitiva Sweepstake Lottery 

Laboris Welfare Award

Laboris Welfare Loteria

Laboris Welfare Lottery

Land Rover Promo

LDIL Lottery

Le Royaume-Uni Loterie Nationale

Leona Helmsley's Universal Trust Fund

Lexus Car Promotion

LG Electronics, Inc. Cash Grant Donation

LG Electronics Inc. Computer Lottery Program

Liverpool Football Club

Loctronics Lotto

London Health Sciences Foundation International Draw

London Lottery

London Million Int Lottery

London 2012 Olympics Lottery

Loomis Spain S.A

Lotaria Popular International

Loteria De La Primitiva

Lotaria Popular International

Loteria Espanol

Loteria del Mundo

Loteria Nacional

Loteria Online International Promotions 

Loteria Primitiva Sweepstakes  

Loteria Primitiva  

Loteria Primitiva International

Loteria Primitiva S.L

Loteria Shop Award Email Lottery

Loteria Shop Nacional Award Espanol

Loterias Nacional Award

Loterias Y Apuestas Del Estado

Loterie International Canadien

Loterie Internationale

Loterie Nationale

Loterie Romande

Loto Catalunya Promotional Email Lottery

Loto Catalunya SA Promotions

Lotter Lottery

Lotteria Estrella

Lotteria Once

Lotteria Shop Nacional

Lotteria Shop Nacional Award

Lottery Americaine

Lottery Award Promotional Programme

Lottery Bill Gates Foundation,

Lottery Co-operation

Lottery Department UK 

Lottery Foundation Inc.

Lottery Foundation International

Lottery Games International

Lottery International

Lottery Microsoft Corporation Windows Vista Promotion

Lottery National of Burkina

Lottery Post Corporation

Lottery Primitiva

Lottery Stakes International

Lottery Winners International

Lotto Dayzers SA Promotions

Lotto International Netherlands

Lotto International NL

Lotto International Prize Draw

Lotto La Primitiva

Lotto Natale

Lotto Netherland

Lotto NL

Lotto NL. International Promotions 

Lotto.NL Mega Jackpot Lottery

Lotto.NL PrizeAward

Lotto NL Promo Int

Lotto NL Winners International

Lotto Pacific

Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz

Lotto 6/49

Lotto Shop Worldwide

Lotto Spanish International Promotions

Lotto 24

Lotto 24 Mega Lottery

Lotto Unlimited

LottoLore Lotto

Lotto-Net International Sweepstake Lottery

Lottonet Casino Sweepstakes Lottery

Lottonet International

Lottoria Spanish

Luckday Lottery

Lucky Day Lottery

Lucky Day Lotto Draw

Lucky Day Lotto NL

Lucky Laptops Winners

Lucky Star International Lotteries

Luckyday E-Mail Lottery

Luckyday International

Luckyday Lottery

Luckyday Lotto

Luckyday Online National Lottery

Luckysday Email Lottery

Luckystar Lotteries

LuckyStar E-Games

Luckystrike Lotto

Luxatrel International Sweepstakes

Macau Casino Celebration   

Macau Casino Jumbo Draw 

Macau Casino Lottery Cyber Games

Macau Casino Promotion

Mac Software Lotto International

Madrid Free Lotto Casino Award

Magnesium Lottery

Magodo Online Lotto International

Malaysia Award

Malaysia Gaming House

Malaysia National Lottery

Malaysia Sweepstakes

Malaysian National Lottery

Manchester United Lottery

Marble Lottery

Markt International Cyber Lottery

MARKT Lottery NL

Mastercard Email Promotion

MasterCard / Microsoft Mega Jackpot

Master Card International Bank Promo 

Master Card Lottery

Master Mega-Million Lottery

Maxwell Stake Lottery

Mecadona Yearly Sweepstake Promotion

Mega 2000 Imperial Random Draws

Mega Aim Promotion

Megabuck Lotto

Mega Jack Pot

Mega Jackpot Lottery

Mega Jackpot Lotto

Mega Lottery International

Mega Million Promo

Mega Millions Lottery International

Mega Star Promo International Lottery


Mercados Lottery

Mercedes-Benz Promotion

Micro Award

Micro Dayzers International

Micro Dayzers Promo

Micro/Electro Lottery

Micro Lottery International 

Micro Lotto Promo

Micro Promo Int

Micronet Lotto

Micronet Software Lottery

Micro States Global Email Lottery

Microsoft Afrique

Microsoft AOL Lottery

Microsoft Australian Online Lottery

Microsoft Australian Online Promotions

Microsoft Award

Microsoft Award Promotions

Microsoft Award Team

Microsoft Bonanza

Microsoft Computer Ballot System

Microsoft Corporation Email Draw

Microsoft Corporation Word Lottery

Microsoft Corporation World Lottery

Microsoft E-Games Promotion

Microsoft Electronic Mail Loteria

Microsoft Email Award

Microsoft Email Awards Winners Exchange Lottery

Microsoft Email Draw

Microsoft Email Lottery

Microsoft Email Lottery Award

Microsoft Email Lottery International

Microsoft E-Mail Lottery Promotion  

Microsoft Email Promo

Microsoft Email Promotion 

Microsoft Email Promotion International

Microsoft End of Year Programme

Microsoft End of Year Promotion

Microsoft Euro Millones Lottery

Microsoft Free Email Lottery

Microsoft Global Email Lottery

Microsoft Interglobe Promotion International

Microsoft International Awareness Promotion

Microsoft International Lottery

Microsoft International Promotion 

Microsoft International Promotions/Prize Award

Microsoft Internet E-mail Lottery  

Microsoft Internet Exploration Lottery

Microsoft Internet Promotion Lottery

Microsoft Internet Sweepstakes

Microsoft Lottery

Microsoft Lottery Board

Microsoft Lottery International

Microsoft Lotto Lottery

Microsoft / Lotto NL

Microsoft Lotto Promo UK 

Microsoft Lucky Day Mega Jackpot Lottery

Microsoft Mega Jackpot Lottery

Microsoft Mega Jackpot Lotto

Microsoft/National Postcode Loterij

Microsoft Network

Microsoft New Year Promotion

Microsoft Online Draw

Microsoft Online Lottery

Microsoft Online Lottery Game

Microsoft Online Promotion

Microsoft Outlook Award

Microsoft Outlook Award Lotteries

Microsoft Promotion Int.

Microsoft Promotional Lottery

Microsoft Skyblue E-Mail

Microsoft Staat Internet Promotion International

Microsoft/Staat Lottery Promotion

Microsoft Staatsloterij

Microsoft Sweepstakes

Micro-Soft Super Sorteo

Microsoft U-K Online Lottery

Microsoft UK On-line Promotions

Microsoft United Kingdom/UK National Lottery

Microsoft User Award Lottery

Microsoft Vista Lottery

Microsoft Windows Award Lottery

Microsoft Windows Lottery

Microsoft Word International Promotions

Microsoft Word Lottery

Microsoftware World Promotion

Microstaats Global Lottery


Microword Corporations Sweepstakes Promotion

Microword Lottery Promotion

Microword Sweepstakes Promotion

Microworld International

Millenium Lottery

Millenium Scientific Computer Game

Million Lottery

Millionaire Lotto

Millions Lottery

Mitsubishi Promotion

Mobil Petroleum Lottery

Money Balls Lottery

Monopoly Online Lottery

Monthly National Promo Bonanza   

Mother Theresa Random Promotion

Motorola Company Online Email Ballot Promotion

Motorola Email Promotion

MS-Word Lottery 

MS-Word Lotto Lottery

MSN-Annual Award Promotion

MSN-Award Lottery 

MSN Hotmail Promo

MSN Lottery Promotion

MSN Lottery Team

MSN/Microsoft Promotion

MSN/Sympatico Lottery

MSN Window Live Awards Centre

MSN Windows Live Awards

MSW Lottery Promo

MSW Mega Jackpot Lotto

MSW Mega Lotto

Mtn-Mega-Million Lottery

Multi-Serve Lottery  

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