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Check Clearing Scams and Related E-mails to Avoid (8)

 If you are asked to act as a company's agent or representative and clear checks for them, be aware its probably a scam.  The scammer is seeking to send you genuine looking checks along with whatever official looking paper is needed to convince you this is a real legitimate enterprise.    The check or checks will probably initially clear your bank account, except that in a month or two later your bank will notify you that the check was forged or invalid and deduct the funds the bank initially deposited to your account and hold you personally responsible.  Before you learn of the check's invalidity, the scammer will ask for part of the payment be sent back to them, after deducting a portion as your cut or commission.  If you send money back to the scammer, you'll be out the money as the bank will not reimburse you.  If this situation occurs to you, refuse to return any portion of the initial check, until the bank can verify in writing the validity of the check and give you other assurances that you will not be held liable for the amounts deposited to your account in the event that check should later be determined to be invalid or fraudulent or the account in which check is drawn upon has insufficient funds. Also never give out personal information such as social security number, date of birth or bank account numbers as this can lead to identity theft.

This page provides examples of unsolicited emails that we have received that appear to be attempts to scam the recipient by having the recipient clear a check or checks for the scammer.   We strongly urge you to ignore and avoid responding to e-mails that are similar to those below:

COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED............Monday, August 25, 2008 3:27 AM 

From:  "charles terell" <>Add sender to Contacts To: -----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Hello are you interested in working as a payment processing agent for a company, earning $600 US Dollars weekly and the company is global oil and gas trading company here in England.they have branches in Asia,Australia,West africa with the head office in EUROPE,but yet to have one in the USA and the company is facing some difficulty in receiving payments from their clients in the US,because most of them pay in US issuing checks which are only negotiable in the USA. The main factory is located in West Africa where they extract the raw materials need for the manufacturing of oil and gas,but all transfers and anything that has to do with payments are referred to ENGLAND. These made the company to come to the opinion of having agents in the united states looking for a representative in the US, someone who would stand as the company representative and to be receiving payments from their customers in the US so they are in need of a representative, someone who is honest,sincere,trusthworthy,capable and reliable that will be in charge of payments on behalf of the company from their clients in the US. Because the cost of coming to the US and getting payments from their customers is very expensive, they spent up to $3,300 dollars only in buying tickets,so they need a representative in the united state who will be handling that aspect and they are willing to pay $600 per every payment you receive,and you can still keep your regular job while you work for the company,all you need to do is to assist the company in cashing payments issued out to the company by some of the customers who are paying for raw materials by money order and check and forward to the company cashier via western union in London,and the company will be paying you $600 US Dollars weekly without stress.the payment would come to you in your name and it will be mailed to you so it will be very easy for you to cash immediately.

The problem is trust because l am standing for you and this is not costing you any money and the company you about working for is absolutely legal under the Agreement of C.A.P 127 Law of 1982.

If you are interested,the company would need the below details: *Your full name *Home address or Company for receiving the checks *E-mail address *Zipcode or Postcode *Your Phone Number.


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