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If you receive an unsolicited e-mail seeking you to become an investment partner with a stranger who has alot of money to invest in your country, don't believe it.   This is almost certainly a scam where you will be asked either pay some fees, put up some money or return a portion of a fake check and you will almost certainly never see your money again.  Don't be fooled by official looking documents as scammers make a living forging these things.  Also many scammers work in rings and have partners who may pose as lawyers, government officials, bank officials etc.

If you get such an e-mail or letter or you get a letter that is similar to one in our database: you should delete the letter.  Do not contact the person and especially do not give out personal information such as bank account information.  NEVER pay any fees of any kind.   Also, do not accept a check from this stranger and especially do not return a portion of the check .  If you are victimized by the fraud, there is not much that you can do. You may want to file a police report so that you can have a record of the loss (for tax reasons).  You can also notify the Secret Service about your loss.  You may want to visit other sites to learn  more:

To: Subject: Ref:Partnership Enquiry. From: "glennderick" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 23:01:57 +0000

Ref:2007 Investment Project In Your Country.

Dear Sir.

We of the Gristmill Inv.Company are brokering an Investment deal in your country on behalf of a client. This deal will involve the eventual investment of USD25M. (Twenty Five Million Dollars) in your country.

We are by this letter offering you our partnership, so as to allow us have you as representative and manager of invested funds in your country within the time frame of the investment/partnership scheme.

Since we can not determine if this email is still functional and also your willingness, we have kept this proposal brief.

If you are Interested in this offer of partnership, please respond and give us your full contact details plus company profile, and in response we will send you an elaborate proposal and details of this offer.

Your expedient response will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Glenn Derick Public Relations Officer, Gristmill Investment Co.

From: "S. EBI DONYE" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 12:47:31 +0800 Subject: RE: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN CRUDE OIL

Dear Sir/Madam,


My name is Mr. S. Ebi-Donye. A nephew to Chief Kenneth Donye. I am indigene of Niger Delta Region, Nigeria.

Niger Delta Region accounts for over 95% of Crude Oil export from Nigeria. For decades, Oil-producing communities have been largely underdeveloped; this issue was a source of concern for non-NGO and human rights groups who were pushing for greater control over local resources.

Presently, the Oil-producing communities control thirteen per cent (13%) of the Oil resources in line with an agreement signed by the Federal Government and the Oil-producing communities.

My uncle, Chief Kenneth Donye, has been licensed by the Federal Government to export Thirteen per cent of crude oil production for our community. Hitherto, exportation of crude oil is in conjunction with a foreign partner. The contract with a foreign investor is normally for ten years.

Sadly, the current foreign partner is in breach of key articles contained in the M.O.U, which are: Building a community health care center. Building a charity home for the less privileged. Building a community Library. The breach of M.O.U has led the community council to review the contract with the foreign partner. Therefore, our community is making a business offer to a worthy and reliable investor to enter into partnership in crude oil exportation.

If you are interested in this rare business opportunity then contact me.

Yours truly, Mr. S. Ebi-Donye ff: Chief Kenneth Donye +2348030812129 +2348076926915

N.B: If you need a sample of the crude oil please send your mailing address via email so that I can courier it to you.

Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 16:10:14 -0800 (PST) From: "Wallace private mail" <>  Subject: Greetings From Mr. Wallace To: Greetings From Mr. Wallace

My name is Mr. Wallace K.D. I work with Marine Company here In Scothland but in a few months from now i have to get retired from office.I seek for your consent to know wether you are capable of investing with me in your country a very profitable business.After making some verious Reaserch concerning on how to make some investment in life and a very Good profitable one as well. i will like you to advise me on what business that will be very Profitable to me and you in your country.As soon as I receive your reply indicating your interest and ability to handle this.

I will let you know the full details of this immediately you indicate your interest and also the necessary documents regarding the fund will be forwarded to you immediately. Our sharing ratio will be subject to negotiation.

If you are capable to invest this fund, send these information immediately You get My Email.

1)your full name 2)your Occupation 3)Your Cell Phone And Home Phone 4)Your Full Contact Address Thank you.

Best Regards, Mr. Wallace

From: "kunahmed shetty" <> Subject: Re: Investment with S. L. International. Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 05:40:26 -0800 From: Dr. Kunahmed Shetty. Managing Partner, Standard Life International. Email:

Re: Investment with S. L. International.

I send you greetings. I have found your contact email address listed on an Internet Business Directory and it is my wish to do business with you, hence your receipt of this letter.

The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself to you. I am Dr. Kunahmed Shetty, Managing Partner, Standard Life International. Standard Life International is a business consulting firm, offering business advisor services worldwide. We are not a very big company but we have recently been confronted with the task of investing funds exceeding our capacity and have decided to seek partners to cooperate with us in investing the available funds because we have never done business of this nature.

We are brokering an investment venture on behalf of a client of our firm. This venture will involve the investment of Twenty Five Million Dollars.

We are by this letter considering entering into a partnership with you so as to allow us invest the available funds in your country and to appoint you as representatives and co-managers of the investment funds. We are ready to give you a commission of 10% of the available capital as soon as the proposed partnership between us is started.

Since we cannot determine if this email is still functional and also your willingness to cooperate with us, we have kept this proposal brief.

If you are interested in this offer of partnership, please respond to enable us give further information about the proposed partnership. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your expedient response will be appreciated as we look forward to hearing from you soon. Please send all email correspondence to

Thank you. Kunahmed Shetty, Dr

Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 11:29:57 +0100 To: Subject: PARTNERSHIP From: "Mr. Collins Sisulu" <> 

Good Day,

Please reply me with my Direct EMAIL:

I am Mr. Collins Sisulu, a Native of Cape Town and Director of Project Implementation,Department of Mines and Energy.(DME) South-Africa.

First and foremost apologized using this medium to reach you for a transaction/business of this magnitude, but this is due to Confidentiality and prompt access reposed on this medium. In unfolding this proposal, I want to count on you, as a respected and honest person to handle this transaction with sincerity, trust and confidentiality.

I have decided to seek a confidential co-operation with you in the execution of the deal described hereunder for the benefit of all parties and hope you will keep it as a top secret because of the nature of this transaction.

Within the Ministry of Mining and Natural Resources where I work as Director of Project Implementation and with the Co-operation of four other top officials, we have in our possession as overdue payment bills totaling Fourteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollar(US$14,500,000.) which we want to transfer abroad with the assistance and cooperation of a foreign company/individual to receive the said fund on our behalf or a reliable foreign non-company account to receive such funds.

More so, we are handicapped in the circumstances, as the South Africa Civil Service Code of Conduct does not allow us to operate offshore account hence your importance in the whole transaction. This amount $14.5m represents the balance of the total contract value executed on behalf of my Department by a foreign contracting firm, which we the officials over-invoiced deliberately.

Though the actual contract cost have been paid to the original contractor, leaving the balance in the tune of the said amount which we have in principles gotten approval to remit by Key tested Telegraphic Transfer (K.T.T) to any foreign bank account you will provide by filing in an application through the Ministry of Justice here in South Africa for the transfer of rights and privileges of the former contractor to you.

I have the authority of my partners involved to propose that should you be willing to assist us in the transaction, Your share of the total sum will be 20% of the $14.5 million, 70% for us and 5% for taxation and Miscellaneous expenses and while balance 5% will go to charity organization. The business itself is 100%safe, on your part provided you treat it with utmost secrecy and confidentiality.

I want to assure you that my partners and I are in a position to make the payment of this claim possible provided you can give us a very strong assurance. And also to guarantee that our share will be secured and please, remember to treat this matter very confidential.

Please indicate your willingness to proceed in this project and send me your telephone/fax numbers to facilitate communication.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Collins Sisulu

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 11:34:04 +0100 Subject: Gold (urgent responce required) To: From: "Usman Abdulkarim" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

Make sure you treat very vital and privately to avoid any mistakes or interception by any element or group. This fortunes is my life and everything left. Because of some of my boxes in London am always in London and Ghana shuttle. The boxes were originally deposited in a security company (Reliance Insurance Security Company), by my late father a gold miner. The director of the security company refused to release the boxes to me according to the deposit registration made by my late father, that I must present a reliable foreign partner that will invest these fund out side Africa as willed. If that is done they will deliver the consignment to your door step by T/T TRANSFER I also have 1500kg alluvial gold in London and diamond in the bank there in Ghana pls get back to me i will ask my sales manager to send you the documents which he use in shipping the gold to London my manager's name is Mr lance osei. To contact him, call 00233244075014

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 16:51:21 +0100 (CET) From: "david john" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: information please To: Attn; Sir,

I am Mr David John, of Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire. I am hereby to pleased with you to Advice me on what i can open in your country with the sum of Euro M 10.550.000.00, such as company or any good business you can think off, also have this in mind that you will be the director of the company or any business we open. By the time you get back to me we shall talk more and konw what we are to do.I am looking forward to hear from you. Yours David John.

From: t Subject: INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 13:17:52 +0100 (CET) To: MR. PETER NDIOVE





Dear Sir/Madam,

Compliement of the season. Kindly accept my apology for contacting you via this medium. Although we have never met before. Nevertheless, I have every reason to believe that you are a highly respected and trustworthy personality.

I got your contact through your country's chambers of commerce and Industry.

Although, I don't know you personally but I believe God has made this contact possible and also hope you will not disappoint me for trusting you.

I am a Consultant by profession, and I represent a solid interest in investment abroad.

I am interested in investing in your country with investment totalling Seven Million and Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($7,500.000.) under your technical and managerial partnership, should you be inclined to be involved in this project, I will appreciate a prompt response from you through the above Private Email, so that I can provide you further details on how we can quickly realize this transaction together.

Finally, if you are not interested in this proposal, I apologize for any inconveniences.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Peter Ndiove.

Please reply to this confidential email account:

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